Truman D. Godwin

AUGUST 17, 1931– DECEMBER 4, 2020

Truman Dayon Godwin

Truman was born in Vernon, Texas in 1931. After graduating from Lubbock High School in 1948, he attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas where he majored in Electrical Engineering and Economics. He also studied British Literature and Business Law at the University of Texas. Truman was a Korean War veteran, and he was in the Telecommunications business for 52 years before retiring. He leaves behind his wife, Nancy, six children, and ten grandchildren. His favorite diversion was golf.

His published works include: The Heritage of Luke, 666, and The End of the Row; a book of short stories, The Treasure of Chama Valley; a book of poetry, Beyond the Hedgerows; other miscellaneous magazine publications.

He received the rights back to some of his books, and re-released them on his own and published them in Kindle and eBook editions also. Some of them he changed the names and covers. 

Find all of his books listed below.

Old Friends and Memories

One of the joys of growing older is the opportunity to meet another  older person, or to observe two older people for the first time. Often  such meetings are experienced with a mutual aura that both deserve  respect and admiration because of the roads they have traveled and the  experiences they’ve had. Often nothing is said in remembrance of the  past: there might be only a handshake, a warm greeting, and sparkling  eyes that convey a clear understanding of their unique brotherhood.  Younger people who witness such meetings might interpret the event as  simplistic and unrevealing, when actually it is a treasure of human  communication and a tribute to the spiritual nature of man. It was such a  special friend of mine who requested copies of my poetry that were  meaningful to him. In providing these for him, I found it convenient to  furnish a master copy of all my life’s work in poetry, which is the  contents of this book. Finally, I decided to make this work available to  any others who enjoy reading poetry.

The Cockeyed Bull and The Perky Poodle

This book is more than a collection. It is a composite of “customer appreciation.” I have put together a number of short stories from my “reader feedback” information, in which readers have expressed their preference for some of my previously published stories. Then I have added a number of newly written, never before published stories, which I believe readers will find as entertaining as the favorites they have shared with me. I invite you to relax and enjoy my latest book of short stories.

Roosevelt's Gold and Rattlesnakes and 24 Other Short Stories

This book is a revision of and update for one of my previous novels entitled THE TREASURE OF CHAMA VALLEY. Secret loves, unrecognized prejudices, illogical fears, and crying needs are often hidden in human hearts and minds In each person, these feelings and emotions exist simultaneously with an untested potential for cowardice or heroism in the face of adversity. Whether an unexpected problem is major or minor makes no difference to one obsessed with these crippling attributes, the reaction will usually be weak and ineffective and quite possibly make matters worse. On the other hand, there are some who find extra strength and courage to deal heroically with circumstances that seem impossible to resolve. Whether discouraged to the point of despair or inspired to persevere, there is a story to tell for each one of them. It has been my pleasure to delve into the hearts and minds of my characters and present to my readers a variety of people and situations that will both surprise them and entertain them.

The Pursuit of Inspiration

INSPIRATION! A feeling that comes upon us, usually without solicitation, and which can influence our moods and behavior in mysterious ways. They can force a change in habits, or a re-evaluation of values, or the achievement of extraordinary goals. Whether intentionally used or not, inspirations are driving forces in our lives that are always available to us in one form or another.

Parachute, Pray or Laugh

Exploits of the New Psychological Warfare Unit (Psy-Warriors) in the Korean War: Join the crew of Psy-Warriors in actual flights as they make military history as a Special Operations Wing of the US Air Force

Tinker Carlen: An Original Cricket

This is a short biography of Tinker Carlen, a guitarist and singer in the world-famous Cricket band. It is a story of the origin of the Crickets and Tinker’s involvement from the very beginning when Tinker, Buddy Holley, and other young musicians got together to “make music and entertain.” It is Tinker’s story, not a copy of anything that’s been written about the evolution of the Crickets, its individual members, or of their successes and failures. Some of Tinker’s life experiences are related as he remembers the challenges of pursuing a musical career. Also included are many experiences of the band—some funny, some sad—as each member faces the problems of growing up and the unexpected cultural problems from people who didn’t approve of their “rock-a-billy” style of music.

The Big Texas Property Tax

In 1937, only 30,194 Texas State residents , which was only 8.56% of eligible voters statewide, passed an amendment to the State Constitution which set the stage for a “plan” to encourage payment of ad valorem taxes which “opened the door” for future legislative control of property taxes. (See long description for more information.)

Six Words to Happiness: My Way

Do you like inspiration? Would you like to maximize your contentment and happiness? If so, this short booklet SIX WORDS TO HAPPINESS: MY WAY may be useful to you. It can even be a life-changing motivator to you, as it has been to others. Check it out.

Ruminations of an Old Codger

I have been fortunate to have a long life that, although hard at times, has been good, productive, and adventurous. When my children asked me to do an autobiography, I had misgivings about such a difficult and comprehensive project. So I consulted my good friend, confidante, and mentor, Mr. Wiggins, and this is what he advised:

“Don’t even try it! Your life’s valleys and mountains are too many; they are too deep to explain or document with the clarity and literary expertise such a massive effort deserves. Don’t try to put the work into a particular genre. Instead, do your best to remember the results of your experiences and record some humor, some important thoughts—good or bad—some wisdom, and perhaps some practical lessons you gleaned from your experiences. Be at ease with yourself! Let your mind walk through your remembrances gently and with compassion as you share some worthwhile, perhaps inspirational, aspects of your eventful journey to longevity. You could title the work: Ruminations of an Old Codger.


A young boy grows up during the difficult days of the Great Depression, where he faces many problems and choices that conflict with his perception of what he and other people might normally EXPECT. From his own unique experiences, and by observing people’s actions and behavior, he recognizes the anomalies inherent in EXPECTATIONS, which make life unpredictable, funny, and often interesting. His study of expectations lead him to develop a happy philosophy that makes him strong in dealing with his young years in difficult and oftentimes sad situations.


Jonathan Irons has been given great power ostensibly from God. He does not want such power. He wants only to continue teaching in the small-town high school. Events force him to use the power, so, with his beautiful, self-appointed assistant, Luci, he decides to reform government, starting in Congress and continuing through a dysfunctional Supreme Court. At Jonathan’s moment of triumph, a terrorist attack on Washington, D.C. seems destined to lead to Jonathan’s downfall. Jonathan’s surge toward final victory amazes his foes and allies alike.

The Heritage of Luke (eBook edition)

Upon the sudden, untimely death of her father, Amy Sinclair learns of a curse that has doomed the males of the Sinclair family for more than two hundred years. Determined to remove the threat to any children she might have someday. Amy begins a search for a woman who can remove the curse. Amy’s Journey takes her to Haiti, into the heart of a world she never knew existed, where the ancient practice of Voodoo becomes both a dangerous threat and a promise of release from the curse of death. This gripping tale offers back-to-back chills, terrors, and surprises as Amy risks her life to find the key that will unlock the deadly secret of The Heritage of Luke.

Beyond the Hedgerows

This book is a collection of poems gleaned from Truman’s works  in poetry since he was a teenager. His poetry stresses people and  their characteristics—both good and bad—and in that sense is timeless  and applicable to any age. He is especially fond of his epic poem, Edenova, which is included in this collection. Truman received a Finalist award in the “Next Generation Indie Book Awards” for 2008 for this book.

Fields of Dreams

Farmer Drury Bell faces bankruptcy because of a series of crop failures and bad weather. As he struggles to save his farm, his physical and mental capabilities are tested to the limit by plotters and opportunists out to destroy him. But his worst problem is caused by a drifter who plays up to his beautiful wife while Dru works desperately to save his land, help a policeman friend in a serial murder investigation, and deal with the mystery of a woman’s body found buried in his back yard. Not even Dru could predict the twists and turns of the ending. This book is based on a true story.